Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of herbology, hunting, the wilderness, wild animals and the protectress of the female children.  In olden times the local herbalist in the village would either grow a variety of artemisia in their garden  or they would paint an artemisia on the door of their house to signal to the other villagers that this house was a place to go for aid and healing.  In Chinese medicine, we widely use mugwort, one of the many varieties of artemisia in the form of moxa, or moxabustion.  It is said that you can use moxa on anyone, on any constitution, you just have to use the proper style and technique.  All this to say that I feel deeply personally connected to this plant, so much that I wanted to name the business after it.  

I am a Bay Area native, born in Oakland and raised in Berkeley, CA and consider myself an herbal artist.  The many mediums offered in the healing arts world provide a multitude of inspirations in the form of herbal medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, mushroom hunting, dyeing with plants, music making and simply being in nature.  The vast majority of the herbs I use in my medicine making have either been grown myself in my small garden or ethically and sustainably wildcrafted in the hills of Berkeley and Oakland or along my travels throughout California.  This world of the healing arts is a perfect melding of creativity and purpose.  I get to help people with internal medicine, which gives me such joy and allows me to engage in a creative process.  

My path is the culmination of over 10 years in the making.  In my early 20's I found my way at The Heartwood Institute, located deep in the misty mountains of northern California.  I was drawn to the healing arts after feeling unfulfilled with my undergrad training and suffering for many years from migraines that occurred almost daily.  I found no relief nor help with western medicine and felt very frustrated and began to search else where.  I studied with Matthew Sweigart, creator of "Heart-Mind shiatsu" and Paul Pitchford, author of "Healing with Whole Foods" in his "Asian Healing arts and Whole Foods Nutrition" program in 2005.  There I learned the power of integrating western and eastern medicine and finally experienced my own health breakthrough.  I completed the program with a certificate as a nutritional consultant, shiatsu practitioner and massage therapist with intros into many other modalities such as polarity, craniosacral therapy, tai chi, meditation, yoga, anatomy and physiology and many more.  

Continuing my Chinese Medicine training but expanding into the world of energetics I studied for a year in Monterey, CA with renowned teacher Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson, Daoist Master at the International Institute of Medical Qigong.  There I first saw and felt energy or "Qi" in a physical form and realized the connection of how the emotional state affects the physical state.  

I received my masters in science at AIMC Berkeley in 2015 and became a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist after studying for almost 5 years straight.  

I studied orthopedic acupuncture at UC Berkeley, interned with Dr. Hua Ling Xu at AIMC, Berkeley studying obstetrics and gynecology, studied Japanese style facial rejuvenation acupuncture with Barbara Martello and completed a Neurological and Stroke Rehab Internship with Dr. Shi Xue Min at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, China.  

While i have experience in treating a range of conditions of many kinds, I specialize in mental emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, mania etc and orthopedic bodily pain being either chronic or acute, digestive upset,  menstrual issues and many other ailments.   

Outside of my acupuncture and herbal practice I enjoy singing and making music, using plants for natural dying, jewelry making, mushroom hunting, dancing, hiking, traveling, making delicious and healthy food and growing my community by meeting new people and friends.  


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